Mono 2.8 Released!

Wow, I haven't seen much written about it other than the updated pages on the website and some tweets from Miguel de lcaza, but finally Mono 2.8 released! This release has some major updates include full C# 4.0 spec, MVC2 (official), and Asp.Net 4.0 mod_mono among a ton of other fixes and enhancements.  I'll be writing another blog post today with an updated script to compile/install the 2.8 build on Debian & RedHat distros. 

If you have any interest in running your .NET applications with Mono, now is a good time to try it out. With this release, you'll find very little resistance with incompatibilities for .NET 2.0-3.5. You still use Visual Studio for builds, and you can even take advantage of a huge extension framework built-in to mono.